J1mB0’s Crosshair (Sight) Mod

J1mB0 Crosshair Sight Mod
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Category: Crosshairs for World of Tanks
Author: J1mB091
pritsely-ot-jimbo-dlya-1.5.rar [2.23 MB]
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We introduce the latest version of the Jimbo`s WoT crosshair. It has been completely reworked in comparison with the original version in World of Tanks. The main advantage that it gives to a player is that there are two circles instead one now. It doesn`t look that great at the first sight, but after you play with it for a while you`ll notice that your aim becomes better.

How to install

  1. Open the archive. In the EN folder, find the “mods” folder.
  2. Copy folder “mods” into folder with game (for example c:\Games\World_of_Tanks_RU\ ), replacing the existing files.

How to install

Download Jimbo`s crosshair for free from our website via the direct link. You do not even need to create an account. If you enjoy playing WoT with Jimbo`s crosshair or find any bugs in it leave your opinion in comments. It is really important for us.

pritsely-ot-jimbo-dlya-1.5.rar [2.23 MB]

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