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World of Tanks Invite Codes and Invite Links

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 Play with World of Tanks invite code 2019 — new codes, new game, new opportunities. Do you want to play World of Tanks and get WoT EU , Na or Asia invite code for free? Then read our article.

What needs to be done in order to activate the invite code?

How to redeem a Wargaming invite code?

  1. Click the button “Get it” below;
  2. Create a new account;
  3. Attention! If you already have an account and want to register a new one, use a different browser or incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N). Otherwise, Wargaming will not give you a bonus;
  4. Specify an invite code when registering (see below, for exampie YOGSCAST, CZOLGISTA etc.);
  5. Don’t login to the game after you create an account. Go to https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/bonus/ and use two additional bonus codes – ORLIK for T-127 and TANKSHOT for Pz.Kpfw. S35
  6. Complete the registration and download the game.
  7. Accept the EULA and press CONTINUE

enter invite code

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Only 4 simple actions and nothing more! Choose any free premium tank and start playing the best online game for free along with 150 millions of people.

Get it!

Invite links for WoT

Are you looking for invite links? We have a unique offer for you.

Get TANK T-127 + 600 GOLD (RU server)

Get M22 LOCUST + 600 GOLD (EU, NA, ASIA server)

The invite link is valid until 12/31/2019

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WoT EU Invite Codes

Invite codes for European servers are very popular and beginners use these codes to take the pas of other players. Thanks to the invite codes, you can get tanks, a premium account, gold and many other useful things. It helps you not only easily start fighting in the fields of World of Tanks, but also feel the maximum pleasure from the battles.

We present to your attention the World of Wanks invite codes EU, so let’s Get It Started! Invite codes: choose any!

invite code wot 7 days premium

  • CZOLGISTA  – Tank VI Pudel + 7 days premium account
  • AIRGMEOW – 3 days premium time, T14 Heavy Tank, 1,000 Gold, 4x +25% credit boosters for 1hr, 2x +100: experience boosters for 1hr (good until December 30th, 2020)
  • RUDYRUDYRUDY – includes 3 tanks: T-127 & Pz T 15 & T2 Light Tank, plus 3 days of Premium time and 100 Gold.
  • YOGSCAST – Tank V Excelsior + 1000 gold + 7 days premium account
  • WOTREDDIT2018 or REDDITFOREVER – Tank V Churchill III + 500 gold + 7 days premium account
  • HBWOTRUSHPZB2 – Tank IV Pz. B2 + 7 days premium account
  • WORLDOFCOBI – Tank III T-127 + II T2 Light + 500 gold +  7 days premium account
  • TANKTASTIC – Tank III T-127 + 500 gold +  7 days premium account
  • QUICKYBABY4WOT – Tank III T-127  +  7 days premium account + Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
  • FORAGER or REINDEER1  or NEPTUNE– Tank III T-127  +  7 days premium account
  • BOOSTERPANINI or WGSTORETHANKS – Tank II Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f)  +  7 days premium account
  • ROLLOUTTank II Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f) + 500 gold +  7 days premium account
  • COBIWOT – Tank II Tetrarch + 500 gold  +  7 days premium account
  • ITALER135 – II T2 Light + 1000 gold  +  7 days premium account
  • ONTRMUSEUM – Ram II Tank, 14 Days of Premium Time, 500,000 Credits

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Get it!

WoT NA Invite Codes

For players from North America we have invite codes:

  • INVTROBSMONKEY – Tank V Churchill III + 500 gold + 7 days premium account
  • YOGSCAST – Tank V Excelsior + 1000 gold + 7 days premium account
  • TANKTASTIC – Tank III T-127 + 500 gold +  7 days premium account

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Get it!

WoT Asia Invite Codes

And for gamers from Asia :

  • YOGSCAST – Tank V Excelsior + 1000 gold + 7 days premium account
  • FORAGER or REINDEER1  or NEPTUNE – Tank III T-127  +  7 days premium account
  • TANK5BBPR – Tank III BT-7 Artillery tank + 1000 gold +  7 days premium account

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Get it!

Other codes (may not work)

TANKTASTIC   – T-127 500 Premium account for 7 days

COBIWOT  – Tetrarch 500 Premium account for 7 days

QUICKYBABY4WOT  – T-127 Premium account for 7 days Improved guidance system

WORLDOFCOBI  -T-127  T2 Light 500 Premium account for 7 days

NEPTUNE  – T-127 Premium account for 7 days

ITALER135  – T2 Light 1,000 Premium account for 7 days

EPICWIN  – T-127 1000 Premium account for 7 days

CC Mountain_ Man’s code: BEARDIFUL –  PzT-25, 1K GOLD, 3 DAYS PREMIUM, 4 25% CREDIT BOOSTERS.

FyxentoBoost 6 Boosters each of: 300% Free XP (2hrs), 200% Crew XP (2hrs), 100% XP (2hrs), 50% Credits (2hrs)


Get it!

How to get an invite code for World of Tanks?

Is it possible? Many players, alas, still don’t know about the existence of invite codes, others consider that they are paid and therefore afraid to use them. In fact, everything isn’t so. What? WoT invite codes!

First of all, free Wargaming codes — is an excellent opportunity to start playing with pleasure. This winter, dear friend, the following bonuses are available to you:

  • Premium tank Kpfw.38H 735 f;
  • Kpfw.S 35 739 f and 500 gold coins;
  • The creation of Soviet engineers Т-127 and light tank Tetrarch with 500 coins of gold;
  • Americanpanzers + 500 gold.

get gold in wot

In addition, with all these bonuses, you also get access to a premium account for a period of 1 to 7 days. A detailed description of the codes read on.

 Why do I need to use codes?

Invite codes are useful to anyone, who wants to start playing or creating a new account. For the favorite game World of Tanks constantly appear new codes. Therefore, you can always try a new technique, using invite codes during registration. All this helps you to quickly develop your account, reach a new level of the game and buy new TOP equipment: Tanks, guns, engines, tracks, develop crew skills — all for the best results and new records.

free gold and premium world of tanks

All wot invite codes for EU, NA and ASIA Server are valid and relevant. So register, use them and hurry on the battlefield. World of Tanks is waiting for you!


These are the bonuses I received on the EU server when I registered via an invite link and entered the invite code. And I went boot camp.

This account with bonuses – login:ruf02544@eanok.com Parol:rHNvp5ykIuOZ

This is my gift for my reader who will find it first!

prem tanks and premaccount wot

Comments (13)

  • Charles Freeman says:

    Where is the Kpfw.S 35 739 f and 500 gold coins code?

    • Admin mgp.com says:

      You can try WGSTORETHANKS, but I have not tested this code. I just registered by the link and entered the code – at the end of the article is a screenshot with the proof

      • Charles Freeman says:

        Quite a few of these codes do nothing. Kpfw.S 35 739 f…nothing. WGSTORETHANKS tried twice nadda. TANK5BBPR is expired. RUDYRUDYRUDY works. WOTGURU doesn’t but the T14 can be obtained with AIRGMEOW. ONTRMUSEUM gave me a different reward and nothing gives you more than the 4 days of premium which the tutorials give. There is no such thing as academy since 2018 nor is there a gold reward for changing passwords. No Euro or Asain codes work in the NA which blows since they certainly have the prefered rewards. I don’t remember the rest but there are quite a few codes that simply aren’t worth it since RUDYRUDYRUDY gives 3 premiums.

  • ian says:

    i tried 5 times with this method – link + code.
    however i couldn’t get M22 LOCUST + 600 GOLD at all.
    and i coudln’t get 500 gold too.

    • Admin mgp.com says:

      Because Wargaming determines that you already have an account. You need to register in another browser and in incognito mode.

      • Felix says:

        Is Wargaming checking my browser? Do you really believe in it or are you just cheating?

        • Admin mgp.com says:

          I spoke with the official representative of Wargaming. They track false registrations using cookies in the browser.

          • Charles Freeman says:

            No they track your account based on whether or not your have them on your account list. Simply delete them from your remembered login and all is good.

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