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Be the leader of the battle and defeat opponents. Our New World of Tanks bonus code package will help you with this. Haven’t registered your own WOT account yet? Then use the invite code and get premium tanks and gold! Create a new account and start playing with the WoT codes now!

👉WOT BONUS codes June 2021 for EU, NA and Asia

List of World of Tanks bonus codes 2021. Here you will find bonus codes for NA server.

Connected for anyone in need of it. This is the codeNA INDEPENDENCETANK07201, which, like last month, will lead to 50 points and should be released weekly on Fridays on WoTs Next. This doesn’t work for me as I only grabbed the 200 point code once SA, so I can’t confirm, but last month the WoTs weekly codes gave some rental rates as well. Don’t know what about SA last month,because i used NA codes. But I haven’t received the rent with this month’s code.

STARSNSTRIPES NA Rental M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII for 3 days
Access to a Mission
5x Personal Reserves: +300% to Free Experience for 1 hour
HIDDENCODE04 NA Gun Rammer Class 2
5x Personal Reserves: +100% to Crew Experience for 1 hour
YUMMYWN NA 5x Case of Cola
5x Chocolate
5x Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
RATIONS NA 5x Pudding and Tea
5x Extra Combat Rations
5x Improved Combat Rations
Secret codes…


oneyeardown NA Rental M54 Renegade for 3 days
Access to a Mission
5x Personal Reserves: +50% to credits for 1 hour
FORLOVEOFCOUNTRY NA T26E4 SuperPershing rented for 3 days
Access for a Mission
5x Personal Reserves +300% XP Free 1 hour
BIENVENIDOADAM NA World of Tanks Premium Account Days: 1 4x Access to a mission 10x Cola Box 5х Personal Reserves: + 200% Xp for 1 hour 5x Personal Reserves: + 300% Free XP for 1 hour 5x Personal Reserves: + 300% Crew XP for 1 hour
NA Log out of game client, after rescue then log back.
There was a code that works and lends T34-85M for 10 days
WZ-111 Model 5A On-Track

Progetto M40 mod. 65 On-Track

T110E3 On-Track

XM551 Sheridan On-Track

Bat-Chatillon 25t On-Track

NA ×2Crew XP
University of Tanks NA

If they don’t work for you, there’s a reason and it’s on your end. The Weekly Watcher Codes DO NOT WORK for me because I entered the Streamer Codes before they expired. So they won’t work for you if you did the same. They’re for the folks that missed out for LAST WEEK and THIS WEEK. So EVERYONE should have what they need TODAY.

How can you get WoT bonus code 2021?

Let’s save a bookmark in your browser! There will be new codes on our web-pages!

How to Activate your WoT bonus code?

There are only 3 steps to activate our bonus code and start enjoying the best game of the world — World of Tanks!

Step 1. Visit your account, using only official World of Tanks website, and then you must click on your username in the upper-right of the screen.

Activate Wargaming Bonus Code for gold and premium.
Step 2. Find the bottom “Activate Wargaming Code”  and click it, using username dropdown menu.

redeem wg code

Step 3: When code appears on the card, please, enter it. Next step – clicking on the “Redeem” button. Next time, when you log into your WOT account, you will get your reward.

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  • Dah_1boss:

    Lol, This Is Dah_1Boss. i remember you. cant believe i actually seen you send something on here

  • Videogamesandtanks[T127s]:

    Most of the codes expired I couldn’t find one. I am on the Na

    • Trey:

      Lol, This Is Dah_1Boss. i remember you. cant believe i actually seen you send something on here

      • Videogamesandtanks[T127s]:

        Yeah im ur friend I am just finding some bonus codes on NA cause wot is boring.

  • World of WoT:

    3 day rental: T-44-100
    Access to a Mission
    5x +300% to Free Experience for 1 hour



  • Kurt Von Kampf:

    this one works,tested on EU (4 french rentals, 10 days. one of each ‘xept SPG):

    code: CLAGUERRE

  • MasterSinper25:

    Same none of them work for me too

  • PX:

    I don’t know where you all get these codes from (eg NMBVXCVWWC0121) but they never work …

    • Verg:

      I agree. I can’t figure out how to use codes like SEOTROTWWC0321.

  • RaithValek:

    Every single NA code is invalid as of 1/10/2021. Every single one!

  • Bala_Bolo:

    Worked on EU. None of others did. 12/29/2020

  • Iamnubb:

    Lol all for eu and na. Asia got literally nothing

    • Kurt Niklaus Erik Von Kompf:

      nothing 4 EU. only 4 Na…but I hear they do not work…?

    • Kurt Von Kampf:

      don’t you see that 90 percent are for NA…?

      Here check this link out, you even have more for Asia, than EU, and again 90 percent for NA.

      It’s for WOT and WOWS

  • Falkenburg:

    primegaming2020 NA

    500 gold
    5х Personal Reserves: +200% Experience for 1h
    5x Personal Reserves: +200% Free Experience for 1h
    5x Personal Reserves: 200% Crew Experience for 1h

  • shithead:

    most codes for EU are no good

  • Sameer Dewangan:



    Your bonus links are not working. They are no longer clickable. I had to go into the page source and copy this invite link to get the m22 locust


    1357 working for me on EU thanx! :D

  • Mile:

    PIMPMYJAGD doesn’t work!

  • Lukas Philipp:

    könnten sie mir die Codes eventuell jeden Monat per E-Mail schicken vielen lieben Dank Lukas Philipp

  • Dominik:

    CRIF2020BOOSTERS doestn’t work for EU server :(

  • gox:

    new code

  • Besatzungskiller:


    Code funktioniert nicht auf EU

  • Alkdarf:

    May Mastery BONUS MISSIONS
    Wave 3:
    May 17, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET
    May 24, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET
    China Light VI 59-16 LT59160520
    Germany Heavy VII Tiger (P) TIGERP0520
    U.K. TD IX FV4004 Conway TDCONWAY0520
    Italy Medium X Progetto M40 mod. 65 MTPROGETTO650520

  • Csaszika915:

    heló kaphatok egy kódot??pls

  • 21kwietnia2020:

    Bonus Code:

  • CODE4:



    Why all hunt cods for April not work?


    Any code active now please for EU…??

  • Necrotheking420:

    What do the light,med,destoyer,and heavy tank codes do

  • Seeleeu:

    who’s ringpiece and where must one kiss to find out where and how to obtain these infernal scavenger code. i am off my trolly already

  • Seeleeu:

    Thank You, i don’t know and where to find these codes. You are a scholar and a good tanker

  • stuart adams:

    Not 1 of these codes work do you have any that does? Thanks


    some of the codes worked for me

  • DeathReaper51:

    The codes don’t work

  • TheRealMrPepper:

    None of them worked

  • All_Way:

    Thank you!!! I got them!!!

  • Child:

    We’ve had to enter in a code to get the Play your tanks right to activate?? Oh gawdmmt

    • Admin

      Waiting for the On-Track Codes to START WORKING before I post them.

  • Volcanic:

    Dude, you are my NEW HERO!!  Many thanks! 

  • Feargrim:

    keep up the good work Cheers!

  • Harvester:

    cool thanks

  • Atragon:

    Thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into this.

  • Ayreon:

    to be honest, i prefer NO codes at all and the game to return in the normal state it was before..

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