Gnomefather’s Gun Sounds

Download mod gnomefather's gun sounds.
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Category: Sound mods for World of Tanks
Author: Zorgane
Download [288.58 MB]
  • Updated for basic compatibility with
  • BONUS: Blitzkrieg Voice Mod

Every fan of armored battles loves the heavy noise of firing cannons and buzzing engines. You cannot even imagine World of Tanks without these sounds, it is like a bird without wings. It makes the very special atmosphere that absorbs players into the battlefield.

Still, gamers get tired of the default voiceover with time. What’s their option, you may ask?

Of course, they can make it to their liking. Our recommendation is «Gnomefather’s Gun Sounds» mod by cwjian90 for WoT. Being improved, the original mod gets the second wind.

Install this modification and tell us what you personally think about it!

How to install

Copy the folders /audioww, /gui, /scripts and the engine-config.xml file to the directory World_of_Tanks/res_mods/, replacing the existing files.

It is more than simple, just take a look at the guide:

How to install

Download [288.58 MB]

Comments (9)

  • Red:
    hello, here is written that mod is compatible with version, but when I download it, mod version is and it does not work, why? And how can I fix this? (sorry for my bad english :D)
    • Admin
      Hey. It was a mistake. The mod has been updated to Please wait while the author updates it.
  • Sr_stockhausen:
    update please
    • Ruslan:
      Creators of mode didn’t update this modification for
  • Sr_stockhausen:
    please update mod :(
  • junel:
    Does this work with 9.15? Already sick of all my heavies and guns sounding the same!

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