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Company of Heroes Sound Mod for World of Tanks will change the sounds of most of the Unit’s weapons, which will in-turn, change your game-play experience for the better, and that is always a good thing! German-English, all the voices are taken from the English version of CoH. Be prepared for a whole new gaming adventure, and enjoy Company of Heroes in a different light…err…with new sounds! This modification changes a lot of the units’ weapon sounds in-game thus making them sound significantly better and more realistic. Its also worth noting this pack does contain strong language.

  • British Voices used: Churchill and Cromwell.
  • Panzer Elite Voices used: JPanth, P4 Stubby, Hetzer, Hummel, Wirbelwind,  Marder III.
  • Wehrmacht Voices used: P4, StuG, Ostwind, Tiger, Panther.
  • American Voices used: Sherman, Croc, Pershing, Wolverine, Hellcat.
  • German Voices used: Combined of the Panzer Elite and Whermacht.

How to install Company of Heroes Sound Mod

Copy folders from achieve to the directory World_of_Tanks, replacing the existing files.

It is more than simple, just take a look at the guide:

How to install

(7 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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