Rewards for Returning Players in World of Tanks

Rewards for Returning Players  in World of Tanks
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Are you a former World of Tanks player contemplating a return to the battlefield? If so, you’re in for a treat! Returning players are Commanders who have been absent from the battlefield for at least 31 days. In this article, we’ll delve into the enticing rewards awaiting you, how to claim them, and why now is the perfect time to reignite your passion for tank warfare.

From March 6 to June 5, 2024, World of Tanks is offering special rewards exclusively for returning players:

  • Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC for 7 days: Command this formidable British medium tank and dominate the battlefield with its versatility and firepower.
  • “Bargain” 2D style: Customize your favorite tank with this unique and eye-catching style, showcasing your prowess as a returning veteran.
  • 3 days of WoT Premium Account: Enjoy the benefits of premium status, including increased experience and credit earnings, along with access to exclusive missions and events.

Don’t miss out on the chance to secure these exclusive rewards, available only for a limited duration.

Reward for old returning players WOT


Why Return to World of Tanks?

  • Engage in thrilling tank battles with friends and foes alike.
  • Experience the adrenaline rush of strategic gameplay and intense combat scenarios.
  • Immerse yourself in historically accurate tank models and detailed battlefields.
  • Join a vibrant community of players from around the globe and forge new alliances.
  • WoT Premium Account will provide a significant boost to your in-game progression, helping you unlock new tanks and upgrades faster.
  • Returning to World of Tanks during this promotional period allows you to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, fostering camaraderie and teamwork on the battlefield.

As the clock ticks down on this special promotion, there’s never been a better time to return to World of Tanks. With exclusive rewards awaiting your arrival, along with the thrill of intense tank battles and camaraderie with fellow players, the stage is set for an epic gaming experience. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by—reclaim your status as a tank warfare legend and embark on a new adventure in World of Tanks today!

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