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The new game Conqueror’s Blade from developer NetEasy is an MMORPG with strategy elements. It combines a 3rd person action RPG with real-time strategy. Take part in military battles and experience the role of the Ancient Chinese army’s supreme commander.

Conqueror’s Blade (or War Rage) pits players against one another, gradually building up a powerful army and employing all kinds of tactical tricks. You can play as one of the seven available warlords.

  • You have a huge open world at your disposal, divided into zones: cities, combat areas, and neutral areas;
  • Combat system with interesting mechanics;
  • To assemble a strong enough army and improve its performance, you will have to spend a fair amount of resources and time;
  • Realistic graphics
Conqueror's Blade - Announcement TrailerConqueror’s Blade – Announcement Trailer

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