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Rail Nation is a free 2D browser-based train simulation strategy MMO game developed by Bright Future and released by Travian Games. Rail Nation allows players to pick between the Eastern Atlantic Railway and the Western Pacific Railroad, both of which are vying for control of the rail system and expanding their train network as they move through the game.

Players begin by selecting a hub city and constructing a simple railroad route. Then they must accumulate resources by organizing their routes, delivering items, and expanding their network to include more and more American cities. Players can investigate more advanced technologies and upgrade to diesel and electric trains to improve the capabilities of their networks after starting with steam engines.

As server time passes, this railway simulation game moves through six periods. Eras last two weeks and progress as server time passes, regardless of whether or not individuals are online. The cities in the game are made up of groups of players, and the final era is a battle of the top ten cities. Each period brings with it more railroad options and, as a result, more means to deliver commodities for profit. In their railroad station residences, players can construct and upgrade structures such as laboratories, lottery buildings, and engine sheds. The game features historical authenticity, a sizable player community, and plenty of content to keep players interested.

Rail Nation - Official TrailerRail Nation – Official Trailer

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