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Crossout is a game that will plunge you into the world of the post-apocalypse. Go into battle on your iron friend and destroy your opponents. Our game has a multiplayer mode available. Assemble your squad and go into battle.

You can assemble your own car. Look for parts at junkyards or buy for coins in the store. There are many guilds in our game and you can become part of one of them. Mechanics, Wanderers and many other factions are waiting for you. A huge variety of weapons. Build your own machine gun, flamethrower and cannon! And also install weapons on the bumper of your car. Incredible graphics and vivid interface! Incredible combat and damage mechanics. Play in the company of your friends or against them. Follow the world rankings and become the best. Play with real people in real time.

Post-apocalypse, weapons on cars and spectacular battles – reminiscent of Mad Max, but this is Crossout. The game is an MMO action game with crafting and battles. Yes, you get to build your own vehicle, install weapons on it and go into battle against bots or real players.

Crossout: New Official TrailerCrossout: New Official Trailer


Crossout is all about creating your own fighting vehicle, picking up guns and memorable battles. A great option for fans of the genre, as well as those who want to pump your tactics or faction!



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