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Minimap Gun Direction By Ekspoint

Minimap Gun Direction WOT
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MinimapGunDirection.zip [215.81 KB]

Install a new mod and always be up to date. Now you can control the enemy long before you find yourself in his aim. Just install the wot minimap gun direction and play with pleasure in your favorite game — World of Tanks.

Wot minimap Gun Direction mod by Ekspoint shows all players, noting the direction of the gun of each tank with a special indicator. Thus, you always know where the enemy is looking, if he is not in the line of sight. Attacks from around the corner, shooting on the map – now, using wot mod minimap gun, it has become much easier to win!


The mod setting is in the file:


How to install

Copy folder “mods” into folder World of Tanks (like c:\Games\World_of_Tanks\), replacing the existing files.

How to install

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